Holden Beach Vacation

Hey there everybody!!

Back in early October, we rented a beachfront home on the coast of NC in the town of  Holden Beach, NC. We had an awesome time and some great weather.

I posted some photos on Facebook while we were at the beach house but I didn’t get a chance to finish the photo album from the trip until this weekend. I figured I would share the final album with everyone.

You can see the finished photo album here: Holden Beach Photo Album

PS – I have so many photos of the boys that have never been seen by anyone. I thought it would be nice to share with family and friends since we don’t get to see most of you too often anymore.

Look for some more posts in the near future showing what the boys have been doing with their time now that they are North Carolinians.


Camping with Cub Scouts @ Camp Chestnut Ridge

Nico and I went camping with the Cub Scouts on the weekend of March 18th. It was the first time camping outdoors for either of us.

We bought some basic camping supplies, packed up and left for Camp Chestnut Ridge in Efland, NC on Friday evening. Luckily for us, food for the weekend was included, so we didn’t have to worry about cooking and hauling all that associated gear.

The first night was great! We arrived, set up our tent and then joined in with the group for dinner (Pizza Hut pizza delivered)! After dinner, the Cub Scouts played chase and Zombie Apocolypse while the dads set up a campfire for toasting marshmallows and making smores. The air had just a touch of a chill, so the campfire felt really great. The group of 40 kids and parents headed back to the tents around 9 pm and settled in for a good nights’ sleep.

Nico bundled himself up because temps were supposed to drop into the low 40’s and then he jumped into his sleeping bag and dozed off. Nico woke up about 4 am complaining that he was cold. We quickly reconfigured the sleeping bags into “blankets” and snuggled together and then Nico felt much better.

Saturday was a gray, overcast day with on and off sprinkles. The highlight of the day was  horseback riding! Nico got to ride on a horse named “Chief” and I rode on “Candy” for nearly an hour as we strolled through trails throughout the woods of the campground. Nico’s horse had some gas and made some super loud farts while we were riding. Nico loved that as well as the other 11 people riding horses. Everyone had a good laugh!

The rest of the day was filled with activities and playing with friends. Nico tried Archery, went canoeing, watched his friends try zip lining, built forts and generally had a blast just being a kid and getting dirty!

At night it got cold!!! Earlier in the day I left the campsite to pick up winter hats and a comforter  to help keep us warm for the evening. It was a good move because the temperature went down to 38 degrees that evening with rain and wind! However, we were toasty warm with the extra supplies.

Nico slept in Sunday morning so we missed the included breakfast. Instead, we packed up our gear and got ready to head home. We stopped at McDonald’s and looked forward to seeing Mom and Tyler and also sleeping in comfy beds.

Nico said he had a wonderful time and asked when the next camping trip would be!


Tooker Avenue Field Day

Nico participated in the Tooker Avenue Field Day last week. The event was a chance for the kids to get outside and engage in events without making it a competition.

The events were mostly designed to be done by one individual at a time and the kids were given stickers at the completion of each event. There was about 25 different events and the kids could participate in any event in any order. They could do the same event over and over.

All and all it was a great day and Nico had a lot of fun.

Tyler’s 1st Birthday Party

On Saturday we had a birthday for Tyler. We enjoyed pizza and cake as well as alot of laughs and plenty of fun. We played music, started a band, played air hockey and acted silly.

Tyler got to enjoy cake for the first time and everybody had a wonderful time. The weather outside wasn’t so great but no one seemed to mind!

Pumpkin Picking Pt. 1

Today we went pumpkin picking at Colonial Springs Farm. However, we didn’t make it to actually picking pumpkins because it was very busy at the farm today. That’s why this post is called Pumpkin Picking pt 1; because we intended to go back and actually pick some pumpkins… No complaints thought, the weather was gorgeous and Nico had alot of fun..